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past projects

here’s a (not very comprehensive) list of all my major projects from 2019 – onward. baller!

Louka Server Side – 2019

A server-sided code executor for the game ROBLOX. Allowed you to run code on game servers, allowing you to do basically whatever you wanted. 


A C# based DLL injector and code executor. Used for hacking, debugging, testing, and whatever else you can think of. Commonly used in games like ROBLOX and Minecraft. Discontinued.

Mintshare.xyz – 2020

Project description

An invitation-only file sharing service for consumers and businesses alike. Focused on speed and privacy, it’s a wonderful tool for anyone. With over 100 users and 25,000 requests a month, this has easily become one of my largest projects to date.

Crypto Cats – 2021

A collection of programmatically generated NFTs, and a governance token. My first major Solidity project. Wanted to make a smart contract and a governance token.

Work in progress.